Kids' meals

come with fries or tots $5 

with sweet tots $5.50

3 oz. hamburger

3 oz. cheeseburger

chicken fingers


add grilled chicken breast $4, black bean patty $3.00

house $5.00 

greens, tomato, carrots, pickled red onion, honey rosemary vinaigrette

roasted squash $7.50 greens, roasted butternut squash, pickled red onions, capriole organic goat cheese, pepitas, creamy white wine dressing

diana $7.50 

greens, dried cranberries, green island blue cheese, cucumber, tomato, candied walnuts, citrus vinaigrette


hummus $7

grilled pita, cucumber, carrots, celery (add olive tapenade for .75) 

goat cheese fondue $8.50 capriole goat cheese, warm pita, zucchini, apple, crackers

buffalo fries $5.50 buffalo sauce, green island blue cheese crumbles, blue cheese sauce

blistered edamame $4.50

red pepper flakes, garlic, olive oil, kosher salt

perch cakes $7.25

lake perch, dill caper tartar, ranchilada sauce

sweet potato tots $4.75 whole-grain honey mustard

taco tots $5.00 

baja sauce and house guacamole

fried pickles $4.50 

panko breading, sriracha mayo, ranch

bacon fat garlic

fries $5.00

tossed in bacon fat, garlic aioli 



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with choice of side 

beer mac & cheese $9 cavatappi pasta, beer, mixed cheese including habanero havarti
add chicken $4  chorizo link $3 bacon $2

perch cake

dinner $13

lake perch, dill caper tartar, ranchilada sauce, coleslaw


come with choice of fresh cut fries, tots, house salad or coleslaw
$1.25 extra for taco tots  

$1.00 sweet potato tots
$2 for gluten free bun

adrian $8.25

house smoked pulled pork, slaw, original bbq sauce or chipotle whiskey bbq, brioche

swine mountain $11.75 fried bratwurst, smoked pulled pork, bacon, ham, saxon creamery smoked gouda, grilled onions, chipotle whiskey bbq, pretzel roll

cuban $9

smoked pulled pork, ham, kenny's farmhouse swiss, grilled onions, pickles, key lime aioli, whole-grain mustard, greens, tomato, french roll

fish sandwich $11.25 blackened walleye, dill caper tartar, greens, tomato, brioche

southern fried 

chicken $9.00 

pickles, sriracha mayo, greens, tomato, onion, brioche

the jerk store $10.00 pan seared jerk dredged chicken, giardiniera, saxon creamery gouda, lemon aioli, greens, tomato, onion, french roll

albatross $10.25 

grilled chicken breast, kenny's farmhouse swiss, bacon, grilled onions, key lime aioli, greens, tomato, whole-grain ciabatta

sloppy joe $8.50

tallgrass beef, red barns heritage white cheddar, grilled onions, house-made sauce, brioche

black bean

burger $10.00 

house-made patty, kenny's farmhouse swiss, roasted red peppers, guacamole, citrus vinaigrette, greens, tomato, onion, whole-grain ciabatta (vegan with no cheese)


basic $8.50 

pick your cheese, garlic aioli, greens, tomato, onion

chanute $10.50 crimini mushrooms, fair oaks farms habanero havarti, bacon, blue cheese sauce, greens, tomato, onion

figgy piggy $10.50 fig jam, capriole organic goat cheese, bacon, greens

gouda bbq $9.50 

house made barbecue sauce, saxon creamery smoked gouda, slaw

hot pants $11.00 

fair oaks farms habanero havarti, house-made giardiniera, bacon, beer battered onion rings, sriracha mayo, greens, tomato

chicha $11.00 

Chorizo sausage link, red barns heritage white cheddar, pico de gallo, baja sauce, pretzel roll

buff $10

fresh cut fries, green island blue cheese crumbles, buffalo sauce, blue cheese sauce, greens, tomato, onion

fried cheese $11.00 panko breaded red barns heritage white cheddar, roasted red peppers, olive tapenade, lemon aioli, greens, tomato, onion

hamburguesa $10.75 house guacamole, bacon, fair oaks farms habanero havarti, ancho-chile sauce, greens, tomato, onion

denver $10.75 

red barns heritage white cheddar, ham, over-easy egg, grilled pepper and onion, sriracha mayo, greens, tomato

clawhammer $11.50 capriole goat cheese, crimini mushrooms, beer battered onion rings, garlic aioli, whole-grain ciabatta


build your own with beef, chicken or black bean patty 

all burgers are made with 6 oz. Tallgrass Beef and come on a brioche bun unless otherwise noted

(black bean patty can be substituted)

choose fresh cut fries, tots, house salad or coleslaw
$1.25 extra for taco tots or $1 sweet potato tots
$2 for gluten free bun   

RARE cool red center 

MEDIUM RARE warm red center

MEDIUM- pink throughout 
MEDIUM WELL- small amount of pink

WELL- no pink